Monday, August 26, 2013

New Applique dresses

I've started experimenting with handmade applique treatments on some of the pillowcase dresses.  I finished 3 dresses and I think the appliques came out really cute !

Working on the gingham pillowcase dresses, I would have used a thicker backing to eliminate any see-through.  Of course, the yellow bee bodies are also made out of gingham, so maybe I should have used a solid yellow.

I'm still playing with sewing machine stitches to look like applique, and I've used the buttonhole stitch and the applique stitches.  If you try this, remember to line the dress front with a soft interfacing to make it comfortable for the wearer because the stitching can be scratchy.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Pillowcase Dresses, featuring Bow Sashes

I'm back to sewing Pillowcase dresses for the summer.  I love to try some of the new techniques I find in other sewing blogs.  My latest interest has been in making dresses with large Bow Sashes.  I have 5 dresses cut out and two completed, so far.  Every dress has to be unique so I can have the satisfaction of being creative !!

I like the look of contrast fabric bows, so I made a series of large sashes in pastel print colors; then I chose the pillowcases from my stash.  I had 5 cases in King Size that had plenty of material and were nice and slim (no baggy arm openings).  I was able to prepare arm openings for sizes 6-7 so the decorations needed to be a little more "grown up".  Here are the photos of the first two completed dresses: 













Watch this Blog for 3 more dresses, coming soon !! 

 I added the 3 dresses in the newest post, with the Applique dresses.






Friday, June 7, 2013

New Girls' Pattern-Dresses Available

I've been purchasing online patterns for girl's dresses, and there are so many talented people preparing these dress variations that it is hard to choose which ones to try first !
I chose a pattern which called for 3 bright prints and had a big front pocket.

I usually cut out multiple dresses at a time, and the fun part is matching all the prints and patterns.  I finished five versions of this pattern in size 6-7.  I'm only showing 3 of the dresses here; the rest can be seen at my etsy shop here: